Fall Hikes 2021

Alrighty, it’s hike pics time! As you may remember, here at the Ecole we do a fall hike and a spring hike. This fall’s hikes were absolutely amazing, and I’m super excited to share some hike pics. I got a few pics from coworkers of our kiddos on their hikes: And these of the Eldest’s … Continue reading Fall Hikes 2021

Summer ’21

Yep, it’s been a while. Now that’s mid-October, it’s finally time for you to enjoy some pics from this past summer. We flew home to California to celebrate three-fifths of us receiving the COVID vaccine in Switzerland! And then this happened: Then, three weeks later, this happened: Which was soon after this happened: OK, back … Continue reading Summer ’21

’20-’21 done

Whew. That was a doozy. The past school year was a challenge, but compared to the rest of the world our year went swimmingly. Just before the whirlwind that is the end of any school year, we skipped town. Remember how the only trip we made this year in Switzerland, other than a few visits … Continue reading ’20-’21 done

The 6-Day Hike 2021

Each year our entire school embarks on two multi-day hikes: a 4-day hike in the fall and a 6-day hike in the spring. While sometimes weather (or pandemics) interfere (hence the 2-day hike this past fall), it is one of the defining rituals of the Ecole d’Humanit√©. This year we were lucky to participate in … Continue reading The 6-Day Hike 2021

Spring Test Hike 2021

Before the fall and the spring multi-day hikes, the students embark on a one-day test hike to make sure everyone is placed in their groups properly in terms of rigor. Our test hike was last week and I’m excited to say that The Eldest is in my group (red backpack and light grey bucket hat … Continue reading Spring Test Hike 2021

Spring into…more snow

We’ve had like four springs here. Followed by snow. Seriously. I felt really bad for the flowers the first time, but now I think they know something that I don’t (and that the still-not-sprouting cilantro seeds that I keep planting don’t know either) and that’s how to just roll with the green grass bending to … Continue reading Spring into…more snow


The students have left. Our house is quiet. There’s a global pandemic raging so we’re not exploring much except for the mountain that we live on. There are much worse places to be stuck. Have I mentioned that it’s cold, and even snowy, here? It snowed a decent amount more the day the students left, … Continue reading And…Break!