The students have left. Our house is quiet. There’s a global pandemic raging so we’re not exploring much except for the mountain that we live on. There are much worse places to be stuck. Have I mentioned that it’s cold, and even snowy, here? It snowed a decent amount more the day the students left, … Continue reading And…Break!

Intensive 2020

So along with not giving grades, offering academic courses like “Gender Studies,” “Revolting Children” (a course on activism taught by Sarah), and “French,” recreational courses like blacksmithing, improv theater, goat walking, and rock climbing, as well as having a schoolwide Saturday morning sing-a-long in at least four languages, our school takes a weeklong break in … Continue reading Intensive 2020

Fall in the Hasliberg

The Fall Hike was amazing, but just one of many autumnal adventures we’ve had here in the Alps. First of all, the snow keeps creeping closer. Then we made pizza. And by “we made” I mean “The Eldest sculpted” pizza. And by “sculpted” I mean “played with the dough.” In my Applied Mathematics class my … Continue reading Fall in the Hasliberg

The fall hike

I wrote in the last post, so long ago, that we were about to go on a two-day hike. It happened, and it was appropriately amazing. Sarah and The Eldest each went on two single day hikes and had a great time. The twins happened to be together on their two-day hike and enjoyed staying … Continue reading The fall hike

Beginning the year

For me it was the wildfires. Pandemic? Not my favorite experience. The continued systematic discrimination and killing of people of color in my home country? Horrendous. The structure of government in my home country allows a minority of votes to control the one of two legislative bodies and the executive branch to the detriment of … Continue reading Beginning the year

We Have Truly Arrived

Let’s play two truths and a lie. Spot the falsehood: – Our kids have attended schools in Sacramento, California; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Panama City, Panama.– We just moved to a tiny village in the Swiss Alps.– We’re mere days away from the start of our 18th year teaching, this time working with … Continue reading We Have Truly Arrived